Time flies by..

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When I went to India on vacation, I told myself that I will post at least once from there. But for me planning never works in India. After coming back I needed some time to get my life back to normal. So I took a break without realizing that it would take me another two months to even come here and post this. Well, expect the unexpected when you have a 3years old confined to the house first because the neighbor’s kid had chicken pox then because he somehow caught it and to top it all we have a peak summer with frequent dust storms. I can hear you(through telepathy of course) “Is that all?”. Actually there is one more and it is sort of the most dreaded one for me. Unlike many other bloggers, I feel that I do a lot of thinking before I post something. I am going to try and overcome this hesitant nature in future. That’s all for now and hoping to post regularly so as to get nice comments from you.


Divya said...

Aww, the blogger's block! I have been suffering from it for the last 3 years approx.!

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