Passion to Pen - The Beginning

Author: Aarthi@Paperandme / Labels:

       During my early secondary school days, my parents always encouraged me to participate in various extra-curricular activities. So i never hesitated to sign my name up for any competition whether it be oratorical or flower arrangement or even singing. Little did i know then that singing was a difficult task for me. But still my mom would sit with me and help me sing to get the best out of me. I should admit that i was kind of good at Fancy dress, Rangoli, Painting even Thirukural Recitation. But then when it came to Oratorical or Essay Writing, i would plead my dad to write it for me. He would insist that I write the first copy and then he would help me to make it better. In the end, as you all know, it is the daughters' pleading that win over insisting dads.
       Thing changed when i shifted to my next school. My new CBSE Board school made english a fun language to learn. They had out of the box ways to get the students to think beyond the stories in the text books. I loved it and in addition to that we had this nice english teacher who made sure that the students whose articles(or homeworks) were different got recognised. One fine day she selected my article to be read aloud in class. I was so surprised because earlier when she was correcting my note book she called me over and asked me whether i had written it all on my own. I answered her sincerely that i had. When i had finished reading the article she told the whole class that my article was a short, crisp and well written one. I was happy at her remarks. I think that was where it all started. My passion to Pen. That same year i started writing diary but thanks to my mother i couldn't continue for long. Here is an appeal to all the moms who read their kids' diaries, it is ok to read but please don't tell them that u read it. Trust me, at that age, it is so embarrassing. After that i never wrote diary until i had completed college. In college, i wrote a few articles for the college magazines. Other than that nothing serious.
       I started writing diary again on my 22nd Birthday. Since then i am writing not daily but regularly. When i was pregnant i decided that i would write a journal for my baby boy about his infant days. I am still working on it hoping that I will complete it someday.
       Now i am here. I have started my own blog so that i could improve on my passion with help from the readers. Tamil is my mother tongue and English has been my medium for learning. So in this blog you will see both Tamil and English posts. All your comments are welcome. Enjoy reading.