Valentine Fever

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Year after year i have seen people protest against celebrating valentine's day. I still am not able to figure out why they do this, that too year after year. Though their protests doesn't seems to have any effect on those who celebrate valentine's day as if it is their only chance to express their love. So what is the use of protesting. Oh yes. You get a special mention in the news that evening. A smart way of getting attention. If you are really interested in protesting then you can do so by not celebrating it. That way you are not disturbing others, also, precious news minutes will be used for other actually important news.
In my own way, i feel that days like these can be used as an excuse to add flavour to your life. I know we have our own festivals to celebrate but then this can be an informal festival wherein you don't have to get up early, take head bath, clean your house, cook food without even checking the taste, then offer to the Gods and then finally go ahead with other celebrations. Trust me festivals are fun from kids point of view. Even the husbands get a day off to enjoy the festival. But for housewives it is like doing overtime. I am not complaining. I do enjoy cooking for festivals. After all, they come only once in a while, but to think of it, how nice it would be when you are made to feel special or you make others feel how special they are to you with a pleasant surprise. Now wouldn't that make you happy in a special way? It is for this reason i love all these special days. My mother knows that i love her but a special something on Mother's Day would make her day and knowing that i made her day will make my day too.
It doesn't matter what the gift is or how much the gift is? What matters is that you thought about me while selecting/making that gift/surprise. It shows how much effort you had taken to make the day special for me.
You may say that Birthdays are there for the same purpose but that comes only once a year. Don't you want more from your life?
 Coming back to valentine's day, what is it with chocolates and flowers? I surely agree that they are pleasant gifts but doesn't everybody get the same things for their love. Come on think of something different. Something out of the box. Watch an all time favorite movie together. Gift a CD with the old songs you both loved so much. Cook together. Come on. Go ahead and get to work at making the day for your loved one.


JSTHEONE said...

I can agree u have written ur thoughts... but the problem is as a democratic country everyone have their own thoughts, for stupid publicity they doing all craps.. its depend upon the person himself how he wants to celebrate the valentine's day... u whole have ur whole to cherish the love... but still spl person should be treated on the spl day ;) ...

Good work.. nice article.. keep going

WannabeWriter said...

aye aye captain..

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