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       I know its a bit late to post the New Year Resolutions, anyways, i still have 350 days to follow. Every year i make resolutions but hardly follow them. But this year i have decided to announce it on my blog so that in due course of time friends and family will remind me about it. So the resolutions for the year 2011 are here.
 1.  Practice my yoga routine 5 days a week. I started Yoga in December 2010 and continued for three weeks at a stretch. I even received complements from a few friends. Then as it always happens i became lazy and add winter to it you guessed it right. Well i am going to restart my Yoga routine and i won't stop till i get that super slim status for which many of my clothes are waiting for.
2.  Next comes my blog. I resolve to keep this newly found interest alive by posting atleast once every month. Now this will happen smoothly if not for the social networks, which consume most of my online time. So instead of complaining about the social networks i intend to train my mind to bother little about others and more about its contribution to the passion. Here again i need friends to nugde me now and then(Oops! here comes the social network again). Well then i guess i should learn to balance both. Help me God from the influence of the overpowering FB.
3.  My kid S will be 3 years old next month. So he is all set to leave the nest and take the first flight around. It is high time that i find a job seriously. I am already afraid that my technical knowledge is dying out for i have been dormant for almost 4 years now. Hope to join the work force atleast this year. Wish me luck.
      Other plans for this year include trying out new recipes with my husband (or rather help him because when it comes to trying something new he is the Chef and i am the poor assistant), find opportunities and idea to work on my photography skills(@V:stop laughing), a nice vacation to a beautiful destination in India, spending my free time usefully like for my hobbies i.e. crafts, quilling, etc.(this is possible now as S has transformed from an annoying kind to an assisting kind), and much, much more.
How well i keep up my resolutions, well, wait till 31st December 2011 to find that out.
Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.


JSTHEONE said...

Soooper and achievable resolutions.. all the very best.. more than resolution i wish all ur wishes come true :)

WannabeWriter said...

Thanks for ur wishes..

Smitha said...

All the best for your resolutions :) I have been 'thinking' of going back to work for years too now :( Every January, I get all enthused, and then my enthusiasm dies as I figure out that I will have too much on my plate if I do :(

Exercise is one thing I need to restart very soon, if I want to fit into my clothes :)

WannabeWriter said...

HI!!! Thank u for visiting here..
Hope things work out for me here too..
That is the primary reason I am working with yoga too.. To fit into my clothes..
Thanks again for visiting..

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